How can you Volunteer ?  

* Help in Yoga Shakti Peetham maintenance. 

* Volunteer for temple sevas during festivals; 

   a) Organising festivals

   b) Helping in  garland making & decorations

   c) Helping in stage set-up

   d) Helping with puja and havan arrangements

   e) Helping in temple processions 

   f) Helping in organizing pujas and havan in tribal    


   g) Creating awareness among people of the scientific  

        significance of  rituals

   h) Beautifying the Temple garden

There are billions of human beings on the Earth and a few millions in our city, but of them all, only a few come close to our heart. In this land of temples, Maa Yoga Shakti Peeth is one temple that will occupy a special place in the heart of devotees by givingform to awakenings,visions and experiences that devoted seekers have during their ethereal journey into the spiritual
​Ma Yoga Shakthi Peetham is a place for one-pointed Sadhana of exceptionally dedicated Karmayogis who’s “I” and “mine” seamlessly and lovingly diffused into “Us” and “Ours”.

   Nachiketa Ashram