(Union- Oneness)
Yoga is a Self science Uniting individual soul with the Supreme soul
Not only asanas, pranayama and meditation are called Yoga, but also any kind of action that one tries to unite with
​Supreme self is called yoga.
Nature of the individuals All human beings are not identical by nature. Everyone has a unique nature. Some may like the path of action, some may like the path of Bhakti, so according to your predominant nature our sages have introduced various streams of yoga.

​​Streams of Yoga

Yoga means not only Asanas or Pranayama. Any action or every activity becomes YOGA, if you perform withdevotion, dedication and selflessly when you offer to God, this process becomes Yoga.

There are various streams of Yoga 
​ Karma Yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hata Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Swara Yoga, Laya Yoga etc. These all the streams of yogas tht help us to discover the self within. We all are interested to know external world, but not the internal world. We all are under taking external journey, but not the inner journey.  By adopting any one of the streams under the guidance of realized guru, you can start your true and internal journey which opens for you a new and beautiful world.
Yoga is a science of the self, where you unite with the eternal self.
It is a wonderful science which has been experienced and experimented by our seers and sages. Yoga is a divine gift revealed by the ancient sages so man is given the
opportunity to realize his divine nature. It teaches us how to elevate
ourselves into various planes. Nowadays the moment you say Yoga,
people think only about Asanas, Pranayama or Physical Wealth.

The word Yoga means “unity”  or oneness.