Ma Yogashakti Peetham is the lap of spiritual enrichment :- Paramahamsa Swami Shivananda Puri 
Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham is an abode of Yogic wisdom of the Atmajnana. It is a Tapobhumi where a true aspirant is directed to the higher realms of consciousness. It is highly energized and whoever goes in the lap of Ma Yoga Shakti, is nourished as Her child with utmost love and is granted the boon of knowledge and wisdom.

​ Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham architecture reminds a sadhaka of the inner journey into the Self.  It is a temple of Yogic science where one is made to realize the ultimate goal of life. Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham is one of the best places where one can get spiritual guidelines from Peethadhishacharya to experience the inner energy and eventually to get tuned to the Supreme soul.

The Magic which happens in Yoga Shakti Peetham:

Yoga is not only a set of Asanas, Pranayama and Kriyas. It is a science of the soul. Though Yoga is an ancient wisdom, it is a happening and an experience of the Self. A sadhaka may belong to various sects and sadhanas, however on the path of spiritual journey, during self-discovery, a sadhaka certainly experiences yoga; a state of mystic union of the self and the Supreme.  When yoga happens to an aspirant a door way opens to Self-realization. Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham (a unique yogic temple) is an expression of self-wisdom. The main objective of Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham is a step ahead from rituals to Self-realization. Here in Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham, a true aspirant derives the power of yoga and gets the glimpse of the Self.
What does Yoga Shakti Peetham architecture reveal ?
The temple architecture depicts the inner journey of the self through ancient yogic wisdom. The deities consecrated through Prana Pratishta are Sri Siddhi Ganapathi, Sri Kaivalya Venkateshwara, Sri Sitaramanjaneya, Sri Radhakrishna, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ma Dakshina Kali who are the presiding deities of various energy centres. And the Yoga Lingam is a store house of all energy centres and the Mother of Atma Vidya. Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham is a confluence of Shaiva, Shakta and Vaishnava traditions. According to Agamas, the body is the temple and Ishwara resides in the body.  But today many of us are forgetting the truth and getting stuck in mere rituals. But Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham reminds a sadhaka of Sukshma Sharira and higher realms of consciousness. In a nut shell Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham is the inner journey of the self.

Yogashakti Peetham