Corporate wellness and stress management Workshop with a Yogic approach
Need of Yoga:

Nachiketa Tapovan has set forth to conduct yoga workshops for the Corporate world as they encounter stress and tension in daily living – at work, home and even daily commute. As a result they may experience lower and cervical spondylitis, diabetes and eye disease and various other stress related ailments. Medication is of little or no help when it come to psychosomatic disorders but yoga can help in many ways overcome these ailments.
Structure of the Programme:

​Nachiketa Tapovan’s "Yoga@Work" is
​a 2 hours’ workshop that is dedicated to educating individuals towards greater peace, balance and success by helping overcome stress and stress related problems. The program is offered as a free service. Why free, you may doubt? Nachiketa Tapovan believes that yogic knowledge can only be shared and not sold to others. Those who feel inclined may donate to our Nachiketa Ashram development.
Opportunity to avail the Programme:

​If "Yoga Work" interests you and would like to invite us, we ask for one week’s advance notification and the below mentioned material to be arranged at your workplace.

1. An official invitation letter with number
of participants.
2. A mike
3. Carpets for floor seating 
4. A board/chalk OR a whiteboard/marker
5. Projector for the presentation
(if available).
Yoga @ work