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Here at Nachiketa Tapovan, each individual not only has a zeal to serve motherland but along with performing their role to shape the organization, our lovely perosonalitees look at self Transformation by the way of Karma Yoga (Selfless Service). 


Prasad YVSS: 
A silent volunteer, and a best friend is another strongest pillars of the organization played major role in getting Ashram land also contributed his precious time and valuable knowledge when we were just trying to shape ourselves.
Mind behind software work, deep down Seeker by nature, a software engineer by profession is yet another man who has played decisive role in shaping our organization.  Presently working on windmill project to make Ashram self-sustaining unit. 
A Rotarian, and now part of our organization is an authentic signature of arts and crafts, crafting life out of waste, creating support system for needy children.  Her ways are unique so the working style.
A active member of Tapovan is a most religious person with perfect service oriented mind works for the welfare of the society while trying her hands in arts and crafts.
A woman of mettle, kind and compassionate soul
never gets tired when it comes to arts and crafts activity.  We have seen her working day and night before the sale that fetches not only a good money
but also awareness as well.
Sincere in thought, mind and heart, and above all having longing to serve needy ones makes her a woman of commitment.  She is another young lady involved in arts and crafts.
By profession he is a CEO of Superflo industries who believes water is an' elixir of life', not only loves nature but also loves to protect it by contributing whatever he can, and always keeps perfect balance between mundane and spiritual life, is one of the finest pillars of the organization.  His contribution is amazing so the love for all.
CEO of Tatvaset, man of a promise with perfect vision and mission in mind always serves organization in his capacity.  He is not only shares his wisdom with organization but also takes active part in fund raising activity to support higher education of our children.
Reddy P.S.
By profession he is a business man who owns a hotel Sri brindhavan in Hyderabad. Great humanitarian, one of the strongest pillars, and part of ‘Think Tank’, has been actively involved in tapovan's activities since its inception and found out on every front actively. 

commerce graduate
serving organization since the vidyamandir started.
Publication Director &

An amazing personality, a great sadhak by birth,

and also part of organization since its inception is more disciplined, and organized. Though Nachiketanjali is her heart and soul but more than that organizational development is what she loves to see at large.  She is not just the contributor but also the consecrator in every sense!

One stop solution for all our organizational activities.
Soft by nature, wonderful coordinator and Software
Engineer by profession is found out almost working
for VidyaMandir to Nachiketanjali and Admin Desk to website.  Presently lives in Banglore but takes care of online work of organization and serves
Nachiketanjali as an Executive Editor as well.
A poetic signature, silent in nature loves to teach children, tried her hands in VidyaMandir initially then decided to render her services to Nachiketanjali.  Right now Executive Editor and one of the strongest pillars of our organization. Does everything that can shape,
mold our society.  “Gogreen” is her brain child where we recycle 4k to 6k waste material and generate rupees 25k to 30kevery month.  

Reddy P.S.

financial advisors

Management advisory team

Anuradha raju
Sita laxmi
Dr.Sureka Pinglai
Dr. Sudhakar Reddy


Supriya reddy

Arts & Crafts


Smt. Pushkala Raman