Pujya Swamiji is a mystic from the Himalayas. He is a rare yogi of this age and is an epitome of spirituality. He did not seek any external spiritual guidance but always relied on His Inner Self. Since childhood He was immersed in sadhana and has been experiencing that wisdom within. Leaving the comforts of His house at the age of 14, He started serving the nation spiritually and socially. Since then He has transformed many lives through His endless wisdom. 

Every action of His carries the spiritual fragrance. He has never exhibited any miracles but made His followers understand that Life itself is a miracle and that a life spent for the others is the greatest miracle. His spirit of dedication to a cause and His inspiration to a life of true learning remains the guiding force. He not only dedicated His Life for the cause of the needy but also made others walk on that path. 

There is no solicitation, advertisement or campaign. People just received the silent message, promulgated by Swamiji through His actions. His deeds speak for themselves. People try to imbibe His Divine teachings and emulate the noble examples that He demonstrates through every simple gesture of His. 

Many have experienced the light of His love deep in their own hearts which has helped in transforming their lives. His very presence is elevating and inspiring and living in His company is spiritual education.Not only for spiritual seekers but also for children He has been a source of endless, spontaneous love and inspiration. A glimpse at Tapovan’s Vidya mandir is ample to illustrate His well rounded and character building approach to education. It is a perfect blend of priceless ancient holistic concepts and modern Indian schooling principles and vocational skills imparted in an aura of love, care and security of a close knit family. The saplings of Tapovan, with such tender care and nurture will no doubt grow to be strong and secure trees that can in turn provide shade and fruit to the needy. 

Swamiji is a true Guru who has taught His disciples the Song of Silence. He helps mankind take up the inevitable spiritual journey that awaits each and every one of us, the journey towards Self-Realization. He lifts up the spiritual aspirants into the realm of everlasting joy and Infinite Truth Consciousness

Swami Nachiketananda Puri