sanskrit classes

Let us bring back the glory of India and its rich cultural heritage by speaking sanskrit 

"The attempts of the great Ramanuja and Chaitanya and of Kabir to raise the lower classes of India show that marvellous results were attained during the lifetime of those great prophets. That was great; it spread the ideas quickly and made them reach far and wide. But along with that, Sanskrit ought to have spread. Knowledge came, but prestige was not there, culture was not there. It is culture that withstands shocks, not a simple mass of knowledge. Therefore the ideas must be taught in the language f the people; at the same time, Sanskrit education must go along with it, because the very sound of sanskrit words gives a prestige and a power and strength to the race".  
Swami Vivekananda                                                                

"I deeply regret that I was not able to acquire a more thorough knowledge of the language (sanskrit) because I have since realised that every Hindu boy and girl should posses sound Sanskrit learning"   
Mahatma Gandhi    

 "If I was asked what is the greatest treasure which India possesses and what is her finest heritage, I would answer unhesitatingly it is the sanskrit language and Literature and all that contains".                                                      
Jawaharlal Nehru
 What is Sanskrit language ?"
Sanskrit is the language of the Gods and Silence is the language of the Soul!"

sanskrit is not religious language infact it is more scientific in approach, when one speaks in Sanskrit it activates and rejuanates entire nervous system.