Our Achievement

Our Day Home School has classes from LKG - 3rd Class. At present 127 children, from nearby hamlets and villages, are being imparted value-oriented education.

* Strength of tribal students from 2012

   to 2015 has increased from 80 to 127 

* Atmosphere in the school, discipline

   love and care is the biggest pull factors

* Migration of parents of all these

   students      has been discouraged

Literacy  Outreach

Education is one of the most essential and immediate need of the hour in this district. Even after 67 years of independence, education is an unfulfilled dream of rural Indian student. Hence, Nachiketa Ashram is set to adopt various educational projects to bring smiles ​in the lives of many children who are deprived of education.
Nachiketa VidyaMandir 
Rural Education - Mahabubnagar


* We welcome people from all walks of life      to render your services by  way of                teaching.
* In sports, making teaching aids, technical    support and any other way you would
   love to serve.
* Your small gesture  will certainly bring        life and light in the life of some one.
* Make the difference in the lives of                thousands. Find out how to become our      partner.

Approximate cost of construction 
* Labs and admin School Building        :  3 Crores * Teachers & Staff Quarters          :  25 Lacs * Institute of Languages & Library                 :  25 Lacs

"All the wealth of the world cannot help one little Indian village if the people are not taught to help themselves. Our work should be mainly educational, both moral and intellectual".

​                                      - Swami Vivekananda

​​​The school is run entirely on the basis of individual funding received by donors who believe in supporting this cause. You can participate in Vidyadanam - by sponsoring a child's education for life time, Annadanam, Kshiradanam, free health services, voluntary services etc..

How you can Contribute?