♣ Paying gratitude to Mother Nature by conserving her

♣ Enlightening young minds about service done by Mother Nature to humanity

♣ Adopting right attitude of exploring nature instead of exploiting her

♣ Understanding the selfless service of Mother Nature instead of being selfish 

♣ Consciously enjoying the beauties of Nature

♣ Feeling the pain of Mother Nature before harming her.

♣​Reducing usage of plastic
Reducing waste by Reusing and Recycling 

Encouraging Plantation by planting 35000 saplings in villages surrounding Balanagar and Jadcherla

♣ Encouraging natural forming without usage of chemicals 

♣Encouraging usage of natural manure like cow dough, cow urine, Neem and other herbal leaves

​♣ Rearing of Desi cows to bring harmony in nature.

adoration of nature

action about green revolution 

awareness of environmental


♣ Saving our planet by creating awareness on a clean and green earth

♣​ Educating citizens of rural and urban areas on the
perils of using plastic
♣ Awareness about the harm done to earth,animals and other creatures due to the usage of plastic

♣ W
ater conservation by adopting right methods of usage

♣ Creating a civic sense to enhance safe hygiene

The Green PrintMan is trying to reach the highest peak in his life without feeling for the pain of fellow beings and nature. This has led to drastic climatic changes.
If we do not react and respond immediately to save Mother Earth we will have to meet dire consequences.

We might even find it difficult to breathe oxygen. Apart from this, due to lack of rains and continuous drought, there has been a steady increase in suicidal deaths and migration among the farmers in Mahaboobnagar.
As a solution to these problems we have taken up plantation drive in urban and rural areas of this district.

Environment - mahabubnagar