This was the love-filled, invisible and parental talisman the Sadhakas were united with, against superstition, on the occasion of consecration of the Deities and forever henceforth. Ma Yoga Shakti Peeth, an emblem of will power and determination, that emerged in the barren lands among the Lambadis of Gairan Tanda in Jadcherla Mandal of Mahboobnagar, welcomes you with open doors to connect you with your Self.

In this time and age when people don’t think twice to grab credit for success and forsake blame for their own failure, it was so embalming and encouraging to hear a Soul say- “you participate with devotion and love, do not worry about procedures. If you are afraid of any banal outcome, I will accept it as mine happily.”

Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham
Maa Yoga Shakti Peetham is an elegant illustration of - 
​“of the people by the people and for the people”. A quintessence of yogic principles
A haven for sincere sadhakas
An oasis for thirsty aspirants
​A respite for dedicated Grihasthas
A Mehfil for intoxicated Bhaktas
​A prayer wheel for Om chanters…
​Indeed, Maa Yoga Shakti Peeth is An embodiment of spiritual faith and fervor.