​​Importance of Cows:                                                                                 Gaushala:




In India, Cow has been considered as a mother. Traditionally milk has always been an important part of one's diet. Pure Indian breed cow milk and its derivatives were, in fact, recognized and accepted as having immense medicinal value. 

Charaka Samhita:

The ancient text on Indian Medicine, strongly recommends the use of Desi Cow products for the treatment of various ailments. 

The pure Indian breed desi cow produces A2 milk, which contains less Betacosmophorine-7 (BCM-7), Thus A2 milk is the healthier option.

“Prosperous was the family who owned a cow shed in their backyard “. Cows according to the Vedas, it provides 4 important products for human consumption and betterment of environment and they are..

MILK “ Godugdha”

A undeniable drink which favours right from our childhood till our tender old age, it is highly nutritious accumulated with healthy fats, carbs, vitamins, generation of blood cells etc... Malnutrition can be completely eradicated if one glass of milk is daily consumed.

 GHEE “Gogruta”

Right from preparing delicious and yet healthy food, till the cleansing of the pollution in the air through Yajna, ghee has its own role to play. Ghee is nourishing and healing, steady and dependable and always supportive of life and living.

 Ghee helps in mind and spirit, strengthening appetite , helps in digestion and immune system, weight loss, rich in soluble vitamins, anti inflammatory and anti cancer, it’s a wonderful nectar for the world.

 “Cow is the only animal that helps in improving the oxygen levels in the air “

 URINE “ Ghomutra”

Cow is a living mobile medical dispensary, a treasure of medicines, as it is used not only to purify the human mind and body but also the soil for agricultural practices, it helps in the nourishment of the soil, many incurable diseases are cured by the usage of ghomutra such as heart attack, thyroid, AIDS, cancer, constipation, migraine and etc.

 “Cow urine is as divine as the holy thirth “

 DUNG “ Gomaya”

Good old days when our ancestors used the cow dung paste which was finely coated across the courtyard for preventing bacteria entering the premises. Cow dung cakes were used as bio gas for cooking and other purposes, these cakes are equally good as urine which helps in reducing radiations. Cow dung helps in chemical free farming, hence helping in the organic farming to grow.
According to a recent research from the University of Bristol, the study shows that the smell of cow dung can be an excellent mood enhancing agent during depressed stage. So when your low, now you know where to go!..

 “Cow dung helps in killing of bacteria, let’s get our tradition back”

 Yoghurt or Curd/”Panchagavya”

“Mom, am leaving to the exam hall, please hurry up!” and the mother rushes towards the kid with a bowl of curd and replies: Wait! Have a spoon of curd, then you’re sure to write your exam well”.
A magical food which is meant to bring luck and health!. Curd is indeed an unnoticed staple food for every Indian. Curd is found to be on the menu right from the Patient’s meal in the hospital, till the prasad offered by the priest in the temple!. Packed with cooling agents and highly nutritious elements, curd is indeed known as the best food made from the milk.

Even a king size meal wouldn’t fit in, if a bowl of curd is missing in the end! From kids to elders, yoghurt plays a part in our daily lives. So let’s bow down with respect to this precious animal for all the goodness it shares for our livelihood

“Nothing can beat a hot summer with a tall glass of Lassi ..!”

A only animal being termed as the most sacred among beings, 
so far that ever in our Hindu Shastras, cows played a prominent role capturing wisdom and knowledge, henceforth, spreading it across its subtle divinity Cows are indeed on-of-a- kind, helping the human race and environment in every possible form.

In short, “Cow is known to be Annapurna Devi from ages”


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             The Holy Cow..
“A divine creature unnoticed.”

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Gaushala means shelter for cows; it’s a important project which demonstrated he protection of cows not only for religion purposes but also for economic prosperity as well.

         As days pass by, protecting our cows has become very crucial, so here we come with an esteem project to protect and enhance our knowledge about safeguarding our animals.

 “Cow is the only animal which calls out as AMBAAAA... which means mother in Sanskrit language, so let’s protect out child like cows assuring tender care from our end “


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