proceeds from wealth out of waste (wow) recycling go to vidyamandir  where  262  underprivileged children recieve holistic education

nachiketa tapovan is now collecting recyclable waste material from corporates and communities

One future be the one to make a difference

plastic bags

​shopping bags, vegetables, milk bags, 

(rinsed & dried ) etc.


​paper backs, text book,

​diaries,  phone books,

coil bound documents 


cola, soda, sauce, ketchup, jam bottles 


​milk cartons, juice boxes & other tetra packs


used plastic, bottles, containers of mineral water,

juice, cola bottles, trays, film etc

card board

used & cleaned cereal boxes, 

​packing boxes, food boxes,

pizza boxes

steel / tin

soup, fruit,

vegetable & food cans


soda cans, containers, clean foil, food trays

Non - solid paper

News papers, magazines, paper bags, fliers, brochures, junk mail, shredded paper, old books etc

The Green Print - Hyderabad

  1. The Go Green Club started by Nachiketa Tapovan 
    in March 2011, likes to thank the entire Tapovan community for the support and encouragement given, leading to the success of this humble initiative.

    ​As a token of utmost gratitude to the Mother Earth, Nachiketa Go Green Initiative undertakes the following gestures: