The Green print

​​The Environment, God and Humans 

are integral parts of one Whole or the Brahman. Reverence, compassion and non-violence towards all elements of environment have been central to the Sanatana Dharma.

Nachiketa's The Green Print is a small gesture of Tapovan made in the direction of tracing our steps back to serving Mother Earth and instilling the same spirit in the minds of young ones.

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272 children from  weaker sections of society, Kavuri hills, Hyderabad and 126 tribal and rural children from Kodgal village, Mahabubnagar  receive light in the form of  Free Education with a curriculum that  provides  the child  Character building education.  

Vision:Educate, Empower & Enlighten
Mission:Through social, spiritual & holistic activities
All the activities of the organization  is to see from individual growth to social growth and social growth to universal growth in physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels. One needs to look within for self transformation and express without for social transformation. Self transformation leads to social transformation.

​​Nachiketa Ashram

A haven for the spiritual mind

Nachiketa Ashrama is  the place for quite reflection, rejuvenation and spiritual activity. It is a center for service, discipline and inner development. Living at the Ashram is an experience in "Simple living, high thinking". It is also here that 'karma yoga' is practised intensely by striving to provide a better quality of life to the rural population.