Sponsor for Gaushala Maintenance for one year: 
Sponsor cow feed for all the cows and calves at the Ashram for one year  : Rs. 918000
Sponsor cow feed for one year per cow : Rs. 54000
Sponsor for Gaushala Maintanance
for 6 months: 
Sponsor cow feed for one month per cow : Rs. 4500

Yearly contribution 

Quarterly & Half-yearly contribution 

Monthly contribution 

Right now in Kamadhenu Gaushala we have six cows and four calves. Three Gir cows of Gujarat, two cows of Karnataka state and one cow is from Ongole.  There names are Kali, Sita, Shaila putri, Brahmacharini, Chandraganta,Kushmanda and the calf's name is Nandi,  

We Need Your Support

Protection of cows and bulls is possible only when educated and matured minds come forward to actively support the cause through their actions and deeds.  It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect the cows & bulls.

Donations given to Goshala are considered very holy, socially applauded and exempted from tax u/s 80G.

Donate -Gaumata 

The Panchagavya from the cow – milk, ghee, curd, urine and dung are used in almost every hindu ritual. The very fact that the cow is given priority in the first temple rituals is proof enough of the reverence it holds. ​No yaga is complete without the usage of cow ghee and cow dung. Moreover cow dung is used as manure for organic farming, as disinfectant and also as fuel. Gomutra or cow urine acts like a medicine and many chronic ailments have been cured miraculously with cow urine. Such is the efficacy of cow products.
SMRTI says “The Cow is the Mother and the Bull is the Father of the human being. Just like a Mother, cows feed all of us like children. Similarly, the bull like a father works very hard by tilling the ground for producing grains." 
SB 3.2.29 purport
Offering respect to the cows will help the devotee to diminish the reactions to his past sinful activities” 
Skanda Purana
Sponsor cow feed for all the cows and calves at the Ashram per month  : Rs. 76500
Sponsor for Gaushala Maintanance
for 3 months: 
Sponsor cow feed for all the cows and calves at the Ashram for 3 months  : Rs. 229500

Sponsor cow feed for 3 months per cow : Rs. 13500 
Sponsor for Gaushala Maintenance per month: 

Let us serve Gaumata to bring harmony in Nature and Life 

Sponor Cow feed for a month for 6 cows and 3 calves:                               

Sponsor Cow feed per cow for Quarterly :

Sponsor Cow feed for all the cows at Ashram  Quarterly: 

Sponsor Cow feed for all the cows at Ashram  Quarterly:

Sponsor Cow Feed

The Indian cow is highly venerable and in ancient times every household in a village had a Goshala. Even today those who can afford have at least one cow. Cow milk is both sattvic and highly nutritious.
Sponsor Cow feed for all the cows
and calves at the Ashram for
6 months  : Rs.  459000
Sponsor cow feed for 6 months per cow : Rs. 27000