Helping us in  inculcating gratitude towards Nature 
3. You can help us in fund raising.
2. Organizing an awareness workshop in your localities about Environmental Pollution, Green Revolution and Adoration of Nature.
Having born on this sacred earth it is our birthright to safeguard our environs. The increase in pollution is proof enough that we have ignored our Mother Earth. We owe our existence to Mother Nature as our bodies are comprised of the five elements – pritvi or earth, apas or water, tejas or fire, vayu or air and akasha or ether.  Hence it is our prime duty to protect Mother Nature from pollution.

Volunteer - Environment

​                  * You can help us invest in solar panels
                  * Raise awareness about the usage of solar energy in the rural & urban areas
                  * Help us face future demands
                  * Help in protecting our environment
                  * Help us in procuring more plants
                  * Volunteer your services in maintaining the nursery
​                  * Supplying seeds and plants
                  * Volunteer your services in maintaining the kitchen garden

 You can help us by providing herbal plants  & garden supplies

              4. Helping us in reducing the usage of plastics

              5. Helping us in educating farmers about Indian cow breeds. Encouraging in Dairy


              6. Helping us in natural farming

              7. You can help us in procuring saplings during rainy season for the plantation in and

                  around Jadcherla and Mahaboobnagar

              8. Help us in getting sponsors for the plantation.

1. Helping in collecting news papers, used papers, plastics and any kind of waste so that it can be recycled.
Monetary help to procure and sustain multiple herbal plants 
Volunteer your services in maintaining the herbal garden
§  Volunteer your services for Environmental awareness campaign §  Help us create wealth out of waste §  Conserve our natural heritage §  Promote individual and community participation §  Donate for our Biogas plant

How You Can Help 

Nachiketa Tapovan takes measures to check pollution through recycling of all waste, establishing an Ashram free of air pollution near Jadcherla, using natural manures for farming, growing organic food and conserving energy, apart from making crafts out of waste materials. Environmental protection is not just the responsibility of Government agencies. Each one of us has a role to play.