To live in the midst of nature is a great blessing. Spending a few hours in a day among plants with exquisite blooms relieves a lot of stress in our daily lives. We have beautiful blooms in our Ashram and we intend to maintain a proper nursery so that our home school children can also acquire direct knowledge of plants by utilizing the green spaces instead of reading only from books.
Approximate Cost for 1 Lakh saplings: Rs. 10 Lakhs
(Seeds, soil, water, manure, Labour, etc) 

Donate for Nursery

An exorbitant rise in prices of vegetables and fruits is always an ongoing process. At our Ashram we maintain our own kitchen garden free of pesticides and use only organic manures like cow-dung and plant wastes.

Kitchen Garden Maintenance: 1.5 Lakhs
(Labour, Seeds, water, Manure etc)

Donate for Natural Farming.

Donate for Bio-Gas

Donate for Solar Energy 

Donate for Herbal Garden 

In this universe nature plays a major role in creation. Especially all the five elements are serving  universe without any expectations. 

So it is our prime responsibility to nurture and protect our Mother Nature.

"This earth is higher than all the heavens; this is the greatest school in the universe".
​                                             Swami Vivekananda
Donate - Environment 

Donate for Solar energy: With the dwindling energy resources it is high time we look for other alternatives and solar energy is certainly the best source to be harnessed. It is the most natural means to rely upon as it is directly derived from the sun. Solar panels are used to capture the rays of the sun and convert into energy.
Our requirement, (as of now):    37KV
Residential Premises:                                   10KV
School: 12 classrooms @ 1KV each, Total: 12 KV
Yoga Shakti Peetham (Spiritual Centre)       05 KV
Library:                                                            05 KV
Borewell:                                                          05 KV

Approximate cost: Rs. 1 Lakh per KV

Let us truely strive to make green Planat and serve mother earth 

Fuel consumption for cooking is very much on the rise whereas availability of cooking gas is losing ground. To withstand this crisis it is better to resort to our ancient methods of using biogas by conserving and utilizing natural wastes. Biogas has a potentially important future. Genuine attempts are made by us at our Ashram in preserving and using cow manure to create renewable and pure organic energy.We seek your help and support in conserving energy by converting waste into high quality organic fertilizers.

Approximate cost of Biogas Plant: 5 Lakhs
We have started plantation of medicinal herbal plants at Nachiketa Tapovan Ashram. These herbs will play a major role in curing many ailments of the needy people. We seek your help and support in the form of donations to help extend and maintain the herbal garden. Your valuable support would help us serve more people in a better and natural way apart from maintaining an ecological balance of our Mother Earth.
Approximate Cost: 
Infrastructure:  Green House: 2 Lakhs 
Plants:             10 Lakhs for 5 acres 
Maintenance: (Labour, Electricity, Manure, Water, etc): 1.5 Lakhs