Swami Nachiketananda Puri:
Our Swamiji is a mother to the hungry, father to the prodigal child, teacher to the seeker, friend to the lonely, a beacon to the lost. He brings out the best in you, leads you through the wordly path not by holding hands but by letting you fly; into the realms of Spirituality! Swami Nachiketananda Puri is the brain, heart, and soul of Nachiketa Tapovan a haven for rich and poor alike helping all to "Be And Make".

Paramhamsa Swami ShivanandaPuri:

Adhyatmik Praneta

At a very young age she dedicated herself to the organization and decided to embrace a life of a monk.  We are privelaged to have Her as a Peethadhishacharya of Ma Yoga Shakti Peetham and AdhyatmikPraneta of the organization.  Her achievements are spellbinding, so is her simplicity and working style. Anyone who looks into her eyes will have a chance to know the depth of the ocean and the vastness of the sky. She undertakes every kind of work from cooking to accounting and nourishes everyone who comes in contact with her. 

Smt. K.Vijayalakshmi

She is an undergraduate and deeply involved in social welfare projects closely with

Sri Ramakrishna Math and Mission at Chennai. She is a staunch devotee of

Paramhamsa Ramakrishna and renders her services silently.  Noble in thought and also woman

of promise always found doing justice to the assigned work. A trustee of Nachiketa Tapovan

since inception she is closely involved in the planning of the projects undertaken by the trust.

board of trustees 

N. Gayathri
graduate of Interior Decoration she is also a trustee since inception .
She is involved in the camps conducted by Nachiketa Tapovan.She is
fun loving, down to earth
and most creative and artistic in nature.She is one who has shaped our Children’s
​Summer Camp and took it to the next level.  Her passion lies in arts and crafts but heart goes to every activity that shapes society at large.

Smt. A. Sowja

​Joint Secretary

​She is a graduate and the joint Seceratery of the trust. She is one of the pillars of the organization

She has been with the organization since its inception. Her journey started as a volunteer and now serves the organization as a Director of VidyaMandir. She is incharge of the Tapovan Branch at Kavuri Hills and has been inducted a the Joint Secretary. She is balanced and brings with her an innate sense of peace which she spreads to all those who come in contact with her. 

K. Geetha Lakshmi


​A chartered accountant by profession and in practise from the past two decades.  A trustee of Nachiketa Tapovan since inception she is involved in the accounts of the Trust and also in general administration activities of the trust She is a one stop solution for all our non-technical to technical issues not only pertaining to organization but also to all our general problems.  Though Chartered accountant by profession but deep down she is spiritual to the core, where calculations do not exist. She is the treasurer and is passionate towards service to mankind.

Following are Declaration of Trust Deed and ensuing amendments to it:

P. Vasundhara Reddy
​Managing Trustee 

 She is the  Founder and Managing Trustee of Nachiketa Tapovan and is the addressed as "Amma" by everyone in the organisation.  She is simple and so is her approach to every activity. She is the one who has taken this organization to the present level single handedly.  The journey was difficult but with her will power and strong determination she has proved that nothing is impossible, if there is passion for work.  Hardworking, pious and above all spiritual to the core, our loving amma,started VidyaMandir in a basti underneath a Neem Tree near Madhapur Police Statio. Now there are 262 children whose  physical, emotional , spiritual and mental nourishment is being taken care of. Her  journey didnt  stop there; she extended her services to one of the most backward and worst drought hit area Mahaboobnagar in Telangana where a centre has been started to cater to the needs of tribals and locals near Kodgal Village.  

trust deed