Once upon a time... Mahabubnagar
Had rich cultural heritage
Was economically sound
Was the seat of literature

One of the most backward districts
Lack of good quality holistic education
Very poor health care infrastructure
Nachiketa Tapovan Ashramam
Rural Development-Holistic Program : In an effort to restore the glory of Mahabubnagar district and also India, Nachiketa Tapovan Ashram aims at Educate, Empower and Enlighten the lives of the rural and urban population. We intend to make the tribal people self-reliant by providing vocational training, basic education and health care, all free of cost. The ashram is home to spirituality and will serve as a retreat to all those who seek spiritual rejuvenation.
Nachiketa Tapovan Ashram, Kodgal village, a spiritually oriented service organization was established by Swami Nachiketananda Puri and Paramahamsa Swami Shivananda Puri with a mission of uplifting the lives of the tribal & rural communities of Mahabubnagar District.

Vision     : Educate, Empower & Enlighten
Mission  : To achieve our vision through social,
spiritual & holistic activities

Educational Activities:

Ashram conducts ​the following programmes for Tribal & Rural welfare
* Free Spoken English Classes, 
* Computer Training
* Vocational Training
* Yoga workshops & Therapy programmes
* Personality Development Camps
* Free home school