So let us evoke Nachiketa who is within us by  way of sadhana and selfless service !  

Ideal of life 

The boy was an ideal child in every respect, possessing character, a brilliant intellect and a thirst for supreme knowledge. 'Tapovan' is a place where one's Culture can be developed, as well as good habits, manners, virtues, moral and spiritual values can be assimilated and imparted. 

"If I get ten or twelve boys with the faith of Nachiketa, I can turn the thoughts and pursuits of this country in a new channel."

                                                       Swami Vivekananda

A spiritually oriented service organization, Nachiketa Tapovan, formed in 1999, is the fruit of an inner calling of
Pujya Swami Nachiketananda Puri.
The teachings of great souls like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa , Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda and many other Masters have been the inspiration and drive behind Nachiketa Tapovan.

Who is Nachiketa ?

Nachiketa had Shradda; Nachiketa  was pure, fearless and possessed indomitable courage. 

He had no fear of death. He dared to go to the abode of Yama, God of Death.

From Yama he learnt about the mystery of death and what lies beyond it.

Yama taught Nachiketa the ultimate spiritual Reality, which is hidden in every being




Natural forming 


    Nachiketa' means the one who is beyond Happiness and Sorrow

Ab​out Us

What are the characterstics of Nachiketa?